Pay & Benefits

The State of Civil Service Retirement: CSRS and FERS

How optimistic are you about your retirement? Small steps can help allay your fears of the future.

Senate plans swift action on IVF bill containing new requirements for FEHBP

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that he had already begun the process of bringing a legislative package aimed at protecting Americans’ access to assistive reproductive technology to the floor for a vote.

OPM’s unfulfilled recommendations include health insurance benefits changes, IG says

The agency is making progress on implementing IG recommendations, but three of its top yet-to-be-completed recommendations included changes that would prevent improper and inaccurate payments within the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.  

Lawmakers blast VA over executive bonus scandal, but secretary declines to offer any heads

Many Republicans called for VA to fire top officials after it improperly approved $11M in bonuses for senior executives.

TSP funds all bounced back in May

After a rough April, each of the portfolios in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program finished last month in the black.

New bill would task VA with more actively promoting veteran transition assistance

The Informing VETS Act would require the department to regularly promote programs designed to assist veterans leaving military service and offer more comparison of information on educational benefits. 

L Funds: A Love Affair

COMMENTARY | For these “set it and forget it” funds, “setting it” may require a bit more work than matching your birth year to the “right” fund.

Problem Solvers Caucus throws its weight behind an effort to kill the windfall elimination provision

Some lawmakers have spent years garnering support to repeal a controversial tax rule that cuts Social Security benefits for some public servants.

What is the retirement age for federal employees?

Retirement involves making many decisions including deciding when to retire.

The pitfalls of single-solution financial advisors

COMMENTARY | There is an increasing trend of companies advertising themselves as financial advisors or benefits centers targeting federal employees. Here’s how to find a holistic financial planning partner.

Mixed reactions to Medicare Part D in the FEHB

It's been almost five months since Part D was incorporated into many Federal Employees Health Benefit plans. How is it being received?

Health Savings Account contribution limits to rise in 2025

Federal employees looking for ways to save on out-of-pocket healthcare costs might benefit from using a high deductible health plan with an HSA.

VA to review more previously awarded bonuses after improperly doling out $11M to execs

The department has used an “improper and overzealous application” of new authorities to give extra pay to certain employees, IG says.

OPM’s retirement backlog continued a four-month downward trend in April

Though the Office of Personnel Management’s backlog of pending federal retirement claims fell again last month, the pace of progress has slowed.

Essential things to know about your Social Security benefit: Part 2

Social Security, along with the FERS basic retirement benefit and the Thrift Savings Plan, can provide the financial security you will need during your life after retirement.  

OPM tweaks its final rule for the postal health benefits plan

The federal HR agency posted its final rule for establishing the Postal Service Health Benefits program on Monday, clarifying language on Medicare Part B enrollment and other details.