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This website provides helpful and convenient information regarding United Kingdom driving licence, vehicles, MOT, SORN and tax disc including advice on the following:

  • Change of address of UK driving licence
  • Renewals of UK driving licence
  • Lost or stolen of UK driving licence
  • Learner and new driver information
  • Register a vehicle
  • Who to notify when you buy or sell a vehicle
  • Making changes to your registration
  • Taxing your vehicle
  • MOT Certificates
  • SORN a vehicle
  • Locations and Hours

We offer a call connection service, which means you are dialling one of our 09 phone numbers that will appear on your bill, and not the number of the government organisation. This number connects you through to the government department you wish to speak to.

If you find yourself in a queue or disconnected for any reason please call back on the number announced on your call. Alternatively, the contact number can be found on the required organisations website. We are not associated, nor affiliated with any government organisation, but act simply as a cost effective information assistance service.

If you need to apply for, renew or replace a licence, or have any other vehicle enquiry, you may also contact Drivers' Customer Services, Correspondence Team, DVLA, SA6 7JL or the Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, SA99 1AR. You also may be able to use the vehicle and licensing services at a Post Office®.

Getting the vehicle history report for your car isn't rocket science, but there's a definite technique to doing it correctly. To start with, you need the vehicle VIN number which can be found in several locations throughout the car. By law the VIN number must be prominently displayed in the driver's side door well, the dashboard, on the engine block and on any paperwork that identifies the car and its owner.

Take Control of Your Finances, and See What Lenders See.

Your credit file determines whether you will be accepted for a loan or credit card, and will influence the rate youll have to pay if you are approved. By checking that everything on your file is correct, you can reduce your chances of being rejected - saving yourself time and money in the process.

Who Uses Your Credit Report and How?

Your UK credit report will be used by financial institutions whenever you apply to them for credit cards, loans or mortgages and by other companies when you apply for any product or service that requires you to sign up for some form of credit, such as a mobile phone contract.

All these companies want to know your current credit rating and they will determine this using your credit score, which they calculate with their own company formula using information on your credit history and current credit status from a copy of your credit report.

This credit check will involve checking your credit report from one of the three credit reference agencies in the UK all of which gather relevant credit and personal ID information about you to create your credit file.

Failed A Credit Check?

If you fail a credit check and don’t get the loan or credit you applied for, you usually will not be told why or which credit reference agency was used. However, the details held on your credit report can help you find out what is causing your application to be refused.

The reason may not even be a valid one as it is very easy for a mistake, typing error or old inaccurate information to be held on one of your three credit reports.
Such errors may relate to your credit history or the other personal data on your credit record, which is used to confirm your identification and what you put on your application form.

Major Benefit

A higher credit score will help ensure that you get the loans or credit you want and that you will get a better rate of interest than if your credit rating were lower.
To ensure that your credit score and therefore your credit rating is as high as it can be you need to make sure that everything on all three of your credit reports is accurate and up to date.

You therefore need to get a copy of your credit report from each of the 3 credit reference agencies. Never assume that if one is correct that the others will be! Fortunately you can get instant online access your credit report at each agency for free as all agencies are currently offering a free trial of their UK credit report service.

You should take advantage of this to check all three of our credit reports and fix them if you find any problems. Just talk to the relevant agency about how to get issues with your credit report resolved.

Remember that this could take time so start as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to apply for a loan or other credit some time soon.

More Benefits

Your credit reports are a great asset and should be checked and maintained just like you check you bank statements. If you do not check them they could easily become your greatest liability.

Effective management of your credit report could save you a lot of money over time and ensure that you are not refused credit when you need it.

If you are going to apply for a loan or mortgage then it makes sense to check you credit reports before applying as failed applications will be recorded on your credit file and can lower your credit score making your next credit application even more likely to fail. When you fix your credit reports and get your credit score to be as high as possible you will be able to borrow more money from lenders and get more credit and all at lower interest rates.

Checking you credit report regularly is a great way of making sure that your identity has not been stolen and used in fraud to steal money or pay for products and services using your personal details and your money.

Compare reports from different credit agencies to make sure that they are all the same because when you apply for credit you have no way of knowing which credit reference agency your potential lender will use.