Space Force inches closer to classified remote work

The platform could be a popular remote-work solution for Space Systems Command.

OPM’s new acting director defends federal telework, anti-Schedule F regulations

Rob Shriver defended the Biden administration’s workforce policies, citing new data suggesting fewer federal employees telework than their private sector counterparts.

As one telework reform measure advances, another is delayed

A measure that would codify remote work in the U.S. Code and improve telework data reporting advanced by a 9-2 margin in Senate committee, but consideration of another bill aimed at improving telework data was postponed.

House Dems ask agencies about their progress offering telework to military spouses

The fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act requires federal agencies to offer remote work options to employees whose spouses are deployed overseas.

Surgeon general says telework’s flexibility should be balanced with purposeful connection to promote mental health

The nation’s top doctor urged federal bosses to better promote workplace social connections to counter the feelings of isolation that telework may induce.

Senators’ latest telework legislation could imperil remote work

A new bill from Sens. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., would cap all telework at 40% of an employee’s work hours, potentially endangering the federal government’s nascent remote work program.

OMB leader defends administration’s approach to telework

House Republicans continued to demand better data from the Biden administration regarding the prevalence and effectiveness of telework at federal agencies.

State, Defense departments announce deal to expand military spouse access to remote work jobs

The move to allow federal employees to telework while overseas with their service member spouses is part of a larger effort to boost recruitment of military spouses.

When -- and how often -- are SBA staffers going into the office? A senator wants the agency's IG to find out

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, continued her criticism of federal agencies’ use of telework, calling for the Small Business Administration’s inspector general to investigate its office utilization rates after its administrator disputed the GAO’s findings. 

Senators take another crack at improving federal telework data

The latest bipartisan bill aimed at better measuring the workplace flexibility’s effectiveness would require agencies to publish their telework policies, as well as implement already planned improvements to data collection on its usage.

Expanding flexible work options in the federal government is no longer optional

COMMENTARY | To retain and attract top talent, government and public-sector employers must take the lead in adopting and adapting to flexible work arrangements.

Efforts to right-size agency real estate portfolios are often stymied

COMMENTARY | “There is a path forward and relevant, recent examples exist,” writes one former federal real estate official who urges the Biden administration to embrace the hybrid work model.

O’Malley reduces telework for Social Security HQ, regional office staff

The new commissioner outlined a plan to create “core collaboration days” for members of management, while most frontline workers are seemingly spared from the cuts.

Interior officials defend department’s approach to telework

After Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., accused the Interior Department of “abusing” telework, department leaders revealed that more than half of their workforce works in person every day, and those who do telework have experienced increased productivity, retention and employee engagement.

OPM’s latest telework report highlights productivity gains

The annual telework report covers fiscal 2022, though officials promised that recent policy changes will improve data collection and analysis moving forward.

Debate over federal telework fumes in House subcommittee

Agency HR officials defended their approach to workplace flexibilities and highlighted budgetary issues as bigger drivers of poor customer service.

OPM issues guidelines on military spouse executive order

Telework, leave policies and “compassionate transfers” between agencies should all be utilized to recruit and retain spouses of members of the military and reserve services, officials said.